The Ultimate Chart Champ

Eighteen of the most recent #1 songs in the Voters Hitlist XL are currently competing in Chart Central PH's Ultimate Chart Champ. These chart-toppers' were ranked based on their number of weeks on top (WT), and their total number of weeks on the chart (WC) (as of June 5, 2012). Their initial rankings (IR) are:

2WestlifeBeautiful World822
3Rachelle Ann GoWhispered Fear611
5ChariceBefore It Explodes415
6Sarah GeronimoBakit Pa Ba330
7Rachelle Ann GoMasasabi Mo Ba321
8David ArchuletaEverything and More320
9NinaHowever Much Love318
10Sarah GeronimoKung Siya Ang Mahal317
11Sarah GeronimoI Won't Last a Day
Without You
12Marié DigbyYour Love218
13Kis-My-Ft2Everybody Go216
14Sarah Geronimo, Somedaydream
& Gary Valenciano
15Sarah Geronimo
& Gerald Anderson
Pinoy Summer,
Da Best Forever
16JYJIn Heaven136
17JYJGet Out119
18David ArchuletaForevermore19

The match-ups were then determined by seeding the higher-ranked entries against the lower-ranked entries (#1 vs. #18, #2 vs. #17, and so on). Round 1 is currently ongoing, with the 9 winners plus one wildcard (the losing entry with the most number of votes) proceeding to the next round. Voting will continue until only one entry remains and becomes the first Ultimate Chart Champ.

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bee laugan said...

Your chart is confusing. Why simplify it. The number should be number one. # of Weeks. As simple as that and everybody can understand. Thank you.