Face-Off Poll 6

In the previous Face-Off Polls, we have matched songs with some similarity between them. This time, you might wonder why these songs were paired up. Here's the reason:
  • In "I'm Missing You", Bea Alonzo sings:
    "I'm missing you/But what can I do/A thousand miles away from you"
  • In "A Thousand Miles", Vanessa Carlton sings:
    "You know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight"
And here's a recap of the five face-offs we've had so far (winners in bold):
  • One Love: Blue vs. Acel Bisa
  • S.O.S: Jonas Brothers vs. Rihanna
  • Love Song: Sara Bareilles vs. Nancy Jane
  • Superstar: Lupe Fiasco vs. RJ Jimenez
  • Gwen Stefani "4 in the Morning" vs.
    Panic at the Disco
    "Nine in the Afternoon"
So there you have it, our contenders for our 6th Face-Off Poll. The choice is up to you, vote now!

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